I am the least qualified person to be giving relationship advice. This list is in no particular order. Maybe I’ll add to it here and there. Use at your own risk.

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New York City

Okay, starting every post with “okay” seemed like a good idea at first, but now it’s getting kind of annoying. In between Pittsburgh and Disney, some friends and I took a day trip to New York City to see Something Rotten on broadway. I went with Chiara last summer to see it, but Nicole and Gabby wanted to go before all of the original cast left.

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June Fete

Okay, with June comes the one event that people of all ages look forward to, the June Fete. When I was younger, I went to the June Fete every year. However, I hadn’t been there since middle school, so when Chiara asked if I wanted to go, I was all for it. No one else was around that night, but we still had fun with just the two of us. 
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