Snow Day :)

Yet another late blog post. This time it’s about snow, and it is currently like 80 degrees outside as I am writing this. Last semester, every Tuesday was pretty much a snow day since I didn’t have Tuesday/Thursday classes, but it was not every Tuesday that the campus was covered in a foot of snow.

After being in Florida in the heat for Spring Break, coming home to winter was quite the change. Classes were canceled Tuesday which was the first snow day we had all year. I usually worked Tuesday mornings and was up at 7:30 ready to start my day, but then saw the paths weren’t cleared and went back to bed.

I started my day by trying to do homework in the college center, but ended up walking to Turkey Hill through the snow to get hot chocolate. After that, my friends and I attempted to make a sled out of a cardboard box, but that failed miserably. After walking through the snow a little bit, we decided to go back inside and actually do homework like the good students we are.

In the afternoon, my friend Heather and I walked around campus to take pictures in the snow. This resulted in a few hundred pictures (that took forever to sort through, but was worth it). Even though there was a foot of snow on the ground, I was comfortable in just leggings, snow boots, and my winter coat. I only got cold when we ran into our two other friends who decided it would be fun to push me in the snow. We ended up getting in a snow fight; however, it was me against a former football player so you could imagine how that ended. For dinner, we decided to make pancakes in our dorm’s kitchen. While we didn’t have a second snow day, we did end up having a two-hour delay the next day.

Maya ✌🏻


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