Spring Break – St. Augustine, Florida

Instead of going home for spring break, I traveled to St. Augustine, Florida with 24 other students to work on community service projects.

In order to get to Florida, we took a train from Elizabethtown to Philly, then Philly to Jacksonville. From there, we took vans to a church in St. Augustine. Our group stayed in the youth house connected to the church (which only had two bathrooms to share between all of us). The first day included like four different breakfasts before going to the beach for the afternoon.

During the week, we had different choices for what projects we wanted to help with. They included painting houses with St. John’s Housing Authority, building ramps, helping with yard work, helping prepare dinner for the group, and teaching art classes.

Before helping with the projects each day, a few of us would walk to the Castillo de San Marcos to watch the sunrise. I hate mornings, but the view was well worth it. Also, waking up early meant we were ready before the rush to use the bathrooms.


I helped paint houses each day. With thirteen of us there, we managed to paint two houses in five days. Local restaurants donated food for lunch, including a pizza shop and BBQ restaurant, which was real nice. After painting houses, we went to the YMCA to shower then four of us helped teach art therapy classes at a group home. In between art therapy classes and dinner, the four of us stopped by an ice cream shop or café to get a snack before going to dinner.

For dinner, we ate with a family who let us use their house to cook. In our free time after dinner, we walked around downtown St. Augustine and looked in shops and usually got ice cream or gelato (okay, we got it every night). There was also this pizza shop that gave out free pizza samples that was amazing. One night we went on a ghost tour of St. Augustine and learned about different ghost stories. Another night we watched a magic show at a local magic shop. On the last Saturday, we went to the Fountain of Youth and walked ate waffles and milkshakes before heading home.

It was definitely a busy spring break, but I would do it all over again if given the opportunity.



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