Dinosaurs and Grilled Cheese (again)

Last summer I wrote this post about a day trip my mom and I took into the city. This post is very similar, except instead of summer at The Academy of Natural Science, it’s winter at The Franklin Institute.

Winter break was coming to an end so my mom and I took advantage of one of my last days off by going to the Jurassic World exhibit at The Franklin Institute. As a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, I was super excited. It was snowing, but we could still take the train into the city. From Suburban Station, it was a short(ish) walk to the museum. My mom complained a few times about the snow, but that’s okay.

The exhibit was really cool. It was set-up as if you were actually touring Jurassic World. I’m writing this like two months after so I don’t remember a whole lot. We got to design our own dinosaur. One part of the exhibit had a person dressed in a velociraptor costume and this little girl was freaking out. That’s the highlights.

We walked around the rest of the museum too. They Franklin Institute has a giant heart that you can walk through. My mom gets super claustrophobic but decided to walk through it anyway. There is also a section of the museum about the earth and climate, and a section about the brain. (sidenote: I started writing this post in January, it is now May and I don’t remember a lot of what happened) We got grilled cheese at Meltkraft again then went home. (I think that was it at least) Tbh I have no idea what else we did at this point. It was fun though.



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