Why Crutches Aren’t the Worst

#tbt to the first seven-ish weeks of fall semester when I was on crutches. I forget sometimes that that part of my life happened. It came up the other weekend when I was talking to some friends and everyone agreed that being on crutches would be terrible. While it was pretty bad at times, there were actually a decent amount of positives that came out of the whole situation.

  1. They’re a built in arm-workout. I live on the second floor of a building without an elevator. I probably could have gotten a first floor room temporarily, but I didn’t want to leave my roommates. Crutching up and down steps and to class every day was tiring at first, but then my arms suddenly had muscle after a couple weeks. It makes up for all the sitting around I did while on crutches.
  2. I never had to move for in-class assignments. Everyday during one of my classes, we count off and move into groups. Since I couldn’t easily carry my laptop from desk to desk, my group always came to me.
  3. I was such a productive student. When you’re on crutches, you can’t do as much as you want to. I would get so bored of sitting around that I would just do homework all the time. At one point, I was a week ahead on my work. As a procrastinator, this was a whole new experience for me.
  4. Handicap parking. As an on-campus resident, my car is supposed to be parked in the lot that takes about five minutes to walk to. Since I was on crutches, I got to keep my car behind my dorm. I wasn’t allowed to drive with my cast, but it was convenient when we went out and other people drove my car.
  5. Sketchy elevators aren’t scary after awhile. My dorm doesn’t have an elevator, but the academic buildings do. Some are kinda sketch. I got stuck a grand total of three times. The first time was kinda scary but then you just get used to it.
  6. I was reminded of how many awesome friends I have. Shout out to everyone who carried my plate in the cafeteria, filled my water bottle, and drove me to Walmart. I couldn’t do as much because of the lack of mobility, but my friends are great and would hang out with me instead of going out and doing things that I couldn’t.

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