Snowboarding (we paid $40 to be near snow)

I recently broke my foot, and Nicole has a bad knee, yet we still decided it would be a good idea to go snowboarding.

Once upon a time, Nicole and I took snowboarding lessons on the eighth grade ski trip. Four years went by and we went snowboarding again our senior year of high school. Fast forward another two years and we are sophomores in college. It’s winter break, and we want to go snowboarding again.

Our adventure was delayed a day because of rain, but we finally got to go Friday morning. We went to Spring Mountain, yeah it’s not the greatest hill, but we aren’t the greatest snowboarders so it’s perfect for us.

We weren’t terrible so that was cool (all my metatarsals stayed intact and Nicole’s knee held up). After being on the mountain for a few hours, we were getting hungry so we decided to call it a day and go get fries from the cafeteria.


On the way home we stopped at a Wawa where I got the tomato pesto panini (again, 10/10 would recommend). We enjoyed our gourmet meal sitting in my car because Wawa needs a seating area. Seriously, even Sheetz has seating.

We said we were going to go snowboarding again this break, but there wasn’t a day that fit both of our schedules so maybe we’ll go next year.

Maya ✌🏻



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