Ringing Rocks County Park

I’m pretty sure anyone reading this already knows that I enjoy hiking and climbing on rocks. While looking for cool things to do in our area, Nicole and I found out about Ringing Rocks County Park so that’s where we went.

In case you never heard of it, Ringing Rocks is a field of rocks that make cool sounds when you hit them with a hammer. From what I’ve read, scientists aren’t really sure what makes the rocks ring but it’s still pretty cool.

Gabby, Nicole, and I arrived at the park in the early afternoon and we were the only ones there. At the beginning of the trail, there were a bunch of small rocks with different writing on them and a note explaining that you were supposed to take a rock that relates to you and leave a rock that you decorated. There weren’t any markers to write on a rock, but Nicole took a rock with her brother-in-law’s name on it.

We followed the path to the rock field, and then began climbing and hitting things with hammers. Not all of the rocks made the bell noise when you hit them so we were hitting every rock we could. We made it halfway through the field before we gave up and just started climbing.

After making it to the other side of the field, we set out to find a couple geocaches. The first one was hidden in a rock a little bit down the path and was fairly easy to find. The second geocache was hidden in a wall the ran through the park and was more difficult to find. We probably wouldn’t have found the wall if it weren’t for the geocache though. (and I forgot to take an actual picture of the wall, so enjoy the picture of a polaroid)

On the way home, we grabbed lunch at Wawa, and I finally got to try one of their paninis. I had the sun-dried tomato pesto panini. It was really good, I highly recommend it.

We stopped by Masons Mill Park after lunch to drop off a trackable that we found in the second geocache. In the words of Nicole, “If we don’t drop this off now, it’s going to sit in Maya’s purse for the next five months” which is probably true. At Masons Mill, the lake was frozen over which makes it surprisingly fun to throw, or skip rocks on. The Masons Mill adventure only lasted maybe 10-15 minutes because we were cold and it was getting dark. Overall, it was a really fun day with friends.

Maya ✌️





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