Dinosaurs, Butterflies, and Grilled Cheese

Okay, The Academy of Natural Sciences currently has a special dinosaur exhibit going on. My mom and I wanted to go see it, so that’s what we did. We took the train downtown in the morning, and arrived at the museum shortly after it opened. I had never been to the museum before so we started in the regular dinosaur exhibit. The exhibit was two floors and there was a lot of cool stuff to look at. Fun fact: The mosasaur wasn’t actually a dinosaur. Dinosaurs were terrestrial creatures, which means they live on land. This was kind of mind-blowing because I had always learned that there were aquatic dinosaurs.

After we finished looking at the exhibit, we went upstairs to see Dinosaurs Unearthed. This exhibit featured animatronic dinosaurs that moved when you pressed buttons. There was interesting facts about how certain dinosaurs got their names, such as the gasosaurus constructus, which got its name because the first fossil of this species was found by a gas construction site. The exhibit also featured real fossils and million year old amber (which had bugs in it, making jurassic park seem a little bit more realistic). There was a scale that told you how many of you would weigh the same as a dinosaur. Another interactive aspect of the exhibit was a game on a touch screen table. You were given a specific dinosaur to find in either the jurassic or triassic period. I thought the game was fun, but my mom got frustrated because she couldn’t find the dinosaurs easily.

The rest of the museum was cool too. I really liked the butterfly room. We got to walk through a room that had butterflies flying around. They had fruit out for the butterflies to eat, and plants for them to sit on.

When we finished at the museum, we began our journey of finding somewhere to eat for lunch. After walking for a little while, I saw a sign for grilled cheese and milkshakes and knew we had to eat there. The restaurant was called Meltkraft.


Meltkraft uses ingredients from nearby farms which is always cool. I got a grilled cheese with mozzarella, tomato, and basil, and a chocolate oreo milkshake. I’m not sure what kind of grilled cheese my mom got, but she said it was really good. The restaurant had seating downstairs, but it was full so we enjoyed our lunch at a table upstairs. It was a good way to end a fun day.



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